Fun, engaging, and a practice that can teach so much more than stretching!

Yoga has increased in popularity over the last few years. As more people venture into the practice, research is finding how beneficial it is for all ages. It can help calm our bodies and minds... sometimes without us even realizing it!

But where do I start?

It can be intimidating! If you've ever tried a Yoga class, you know there are words used you may not understand, poses you don't know how to do- or even IF you can do them.

With all that, how am I supposed to introduce my kids to Yoga??

A different pose each day

The poses are broken down step by step, along with the benefits. The days can be done in order, or you can pick and choose favorites!

A different question each day to make parents and kids think, laugh and discuss

These questions may have you giggling, hugging or thinking about them long after the day's Yoga is over!

Just a few minutes a day!

It doesn't take long to make Yoga part of your daily routine when it is as simple as a few minutes a day. It can be done before bed, in the morning, or just whenever the mood strikes!

Join us! Get your practice started today!

We hope you enjoy learning and exploring Yoga together!

Soak in the moments.

Make memories.